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Considerations on your Astrological Practise

By Brian Clark and Glennys Lawton

A.P.A. Inc. ideasA Belief’s Inventory
It is always a valuable exercise to take into account our own beliefs and considerations about the art and practice of astrology. The following questions are designed to help you reflect on your beliefs and how these beliefs might shape your astrological interpretations and understanding.

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Astrological Supervision

by Brian Clark

Astrological SupervisionPsyche is not exclusive to psychological astrology. When any astrologer engages with the symbols of the horoscope another dynamic is created which has the features of a psychological situation. Even the most pragmatic or technical astrologer will find the complexity of astrological symbols defy linear constructs. In this short article the author is an advocate for astrological supervision to help bring psychological awareness into the astrological consulting room. It is not a matter of being psychologically fluent, but reflecting on the in-depth encounter that occurs between an astrologer and their client.

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Ethics in Action: Rectification

by Glennys Lawton
Ethics in ActionEthics underlies the counselling role. In every interaction with a client ethical issues arise and these are usually professionally dealt with. However when our beliefs and personal opinions enter the mix we may unwittingly err on the side of our bias. I was reminded of this lately.

When a new client rang for a consultation and I was making the appointment he told me that his time of birth was 12.27 pm. As I always do, especially with such an accurate birth time for someone born in the 1950’s, I queried if this was a hospital time or from some other source. The client then informed me that it was a rectified time of birth. He had consulted an astrologer some time ago and as he did not know his time of birth the astrologer suggested rectification.

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Wounded Healers?

by Anita Ings

Wounded HealersHow many stories of trauma, abuse, loss and grief, serious illnesses or disabilities and marriage breakdowns have you heard in your astrological practice? Is this a frequent occurrence for you? The majority of people seek a consultation when a crisis occurs or they are troubled not when life is joyful and full. Astrology students often come to learn when they are seeking answers about their own life journey and they too have their own, at times, traumatic and troubled stories.

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