APA Code of Conduct

As a member of the Astrological profession I shall at all times abide by the following Code of Behaviour:

  • I shall conduct myself professionally at all times so as to comply with the generally accepted standards of professional behaviour.
  • I shall, in accordance with astrological principles, render my professional services for no other purpose other than the total well being of my clients.
  • I shall at all times respect the confidentiality of my clients and, apart from the consultation being sought, shall only use their birth data (for any other purpose) with their specific written consent.
  • I shall at all times keep the standard of my professional work as high as possible. I shall endeavour to improve upon my technical skills and professional standards whenever possible.
  • I shall never criticize, condemn or otherwise denigrate a member of the Association in the presence of any client or other lay person.
  • I shall point out astrological error or breach of the professional conduct required under this statement, and shall report such breach to the Secretary of the Association. This clause shall not prevent a member from protecting the reputation of astrology in any forum from fraud or charlatanism.
  • I shall be truthful in all advertising undertaken in the course of my profession.
  • I shall ensure that anyone employed by me shall strictly adhere to the same standards of professional behaviour as long as s/he is employed by me.
  • I shall, upon being found by the APA to have transgressed any of the rules of the Association or this Statement of Professional Behaviour, voluntarily surrender and return all certificates issued by the Association.